Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

One thing I love about the Autumn season is the cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and, of course, there is Halloween. As we move further into wearing sweaters and drinking hot apple cider, now is the time embrace your creative side and have some fun in your home decor. pumpkin-display-1381981105Zeg

Create a stunning scene by placing some pumpkins of various sizes and colors to add some festivity at the doorway.

You can also add some flare to your entryway by making a festive wreath for your front door. There are many excellent DIY wreaths on Pinterest worth checking out.

Another wonderful part of the season is the spices and other smells that fill your home. This year create your own autumn potpourri with this simple recipe or make some festive orange designs from Norway to add some wonderful scent to your home.

There are many fun and festive DIY projects to explore. Browse these ideas from Pinterest for some fresh ideas to help get your home ready for the season.

Why You Need to Stage Your Home

Staging your home is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to selling your home. As potential buyers view your home and picture themselves living there, here are a few things you can do to bring your home to life:

Small flowersEmbrace the light. Lighting in your home is so critical because lack of lighting can make your home look dreary and turn buyers away. Make your home shine by strategically placing lamps and other light features around your home.

Declutter and depersonalize your home. By taking time to remove any personal effects from your home, potential buyers can visualize themselves living there. You want them to picture themselves living there because a buyer will be more inclined to make an offer.

Furniture placement. Large furniture, overcrowding, and no real placement can turn buyers off. Create a space that is inviting and doesn’t distract from the beauty of your home.

If you need more advice and tips on what you can do to make your home more appealing to homebuyers, your real estate agent can help.

Prepare Your Trees for Winter

green-692079_640Winter is almost here and with the winter months, now is the time to prepare to protect your bushes against the upcoming frost and snow. As you begin to get ready for the winter months head, wrapping them in burlap is an excellent way to guard against winter burn.

As you first go about wrapping your plants, one site recommends you place 3-4 stakes around the plant, allow for a few inches between each stake, and drape a double layer of burlap over the stakes. When you place the burlap around the tree, be careful not to touch the foliage in case plant gets wet and freezes which can damage your plant.

Not all plant will required to be wrapped for the winter months. If you’ve recently planted shrubs and trees, you will want to wrap them for at least the first 3 winters to keep them protected as they mature.

Create a Smooth Remodel with These Tips

small garden flowersAre ready to start remodeling your home? There is a lot that goes into the process and hiring the most qualified contractor is one of the most important. Before you hire a contractor, ask for references and fits the best with what your visioning.

As you move forward with your remodel, know what is important to you. There might be many items/details you want in your home and knowing which are a priority is important. Keep a wishlist as well because you never know when you will be able to make something a reality from your list.

Be realistic in setting your budget because if you set too big of a budget you can put yourself too much at risk. Speak with a loan officer at your bank or credit union to know what you can afford and how much you may be able to stretch in your budget.

After you have set your budget and know what is important to you, find out what the builder includes in their base price. It is important both you and your contractor know what is expected in the relationship and the terms are set so there will be no unwanted surprises as you move forward with the remodel.

There are many things going on when you are remodeling, be sure to view the floor plan and do a walk through (repeatedly) to ensure nothing is overlooked, no mistakes were made, and keep the communication lines open with your contractor.

Remember, remodeling your home can be a long process. Keep your sense of humor, do things to reduce stress, and keep your vision clear. In the end, it will be worth it to have your home exactly as you want it.

3 Tips to Repair Your Carpet

Life happens and sometimes your carpet takes a lot of the beating. Take a moment to repair your carpet with these tips:family-room-670270_640

If your carpet is dented, put furniture glides or cups under the legs of your furniture to protect your carpet. Another option is to move your furniture a couple of inches occasionally to relieve your carpet of the heavy weight.

With rippled carpet, it is probably due to humidity in your home and will most likely lessen when the temperature dries. If the ripples persist, a carpet installer can re-stretch your carpet.

Snags in your carpet? Fixing looped carpet is fairly easy with the help of a nailset or small screwdriver. Apply a sealer or adhesive inside the run, then, with the nailset or screwdriver, press the yarn down.

If you have stains or pet odors, read these tips for the best ways to remove them.

3 Tips to Improve Your Home Value

Are you ready to sell your home? Perhaps you are interested in making some upgrades? No matter the reason, there are a lot of great and simple things you can do to give your home an uplift. unnamed

To give your home a new look, add a fresh coat of paint to your front door. You can have some fun with this and go with a bright, warm color to really make it pop.

Invest in your landscaping and plants some trees. Regardless if you are going to stay in your home for a year or twenty, having a mature yard and trees for shade will really boost your home’s appeal and value. Plus, a well-established landscaping provides a wonderful habitat for wildlife. You can also add some additions to your backyard design such as a spa or fire pit for some great ambiance.

A well-kept lawn is important for curb appeal. Your front yard is the first thing people see, so you want to keep it looking its best. Maintain a healthy lawn by taking time to aerate, mow, and water your grass.

For more inspiration with decorating ideas, check out design-oriented magazines, books, TV shows, and websites. There are a lot of great and budget friendly DIY projects you can do to boost your home’s appearance.