Prepare Your Trees for Winter

green-692079_640Winter is almost here and with the winter months, now is the time to prepare to protect your bushes against the upcoming frost and snow. As you begin to get ready for the winter months head, wrapping them in burlap is an excellent way to guard against winter burn.

As you first go about wrapping your plants, one site recommends you place 3-4 stakes around the plant, allow for a few inches between each stake, and drape a double layer of burlap over the stakes. When you place the burlap around the tree, be careful not to touch the foliage in case plant gets wet and freezes which can damage your plant.

Not all plant will required to be wrapped for the winter months. If you’ve recently planted shrubs and trees, you will want to wrap them for at least the first 3 winters to keep them protected as they mature.