3 Tips to Repair Your Carpet

Life happens and sometimes your carpet takes a lot of the beating. Take a moment to repair your carpet with these tips:family-room-670270_640

If your carpet is dented, put furniture glides or cups under the legs of your furniture to protect your carpet. Another option is to move your furniture a couple of inches occasionally to relieve your carpet of the heavy weight.

With rippled carpet, it is probably due to humidity in your home and will most likely lessen when the temperature dries. If the ripples persist, a carpet installer can re-stretch your carpet.

Snags in your carpet? Fixing looped carpet is fairly easy with the help of a nailset or small screwdriver. Apply a sealer or adhesive inside the run, then, with the nailset or screwdriver, press the yarn down.

If you have stains or pet odors, read these tips for the best ways to remove them.